Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag of 2020. The hydrophobic finish helps the bag repel moisture and dry out much faster than other down sleeping bags. For warmer sleepers, having a draft collar might not be necessary, but if you tend to be cold, it’s a good feature to have on your sleeping bag. If that doesn’t sound comfy enough, the Lost Dog offers a Pillow Barn feature that makes sure your pillow stays put all night. Winter sleeping bags have also gotten very creative with zipper placement. The hood, footbox, and back are also strengthened with additional water-resistant fabric since these are the areas most likely to come in contact with wet tent walls. The best budget backpacking sleeping bags are affordable while offering all the features essential for frugal adventurers. Two types of insulating material are used in sleeping bags, synthetic fiber, and goose or duck down. Since you’ll likely be carrying the sleeping bag on your shoulders for hours on end, the first thing to check before buying is the weight. This versatility makes up for its higher price, delivering you your money’s worth. As we’ve already discussed above, down sleeping bags definitely take the trophy for warmth, but synthetic is the way to go if you want more water-resistance. The best budget backpacking sleeping bags are affordable while offering all the features essential for frugal adventurers. Invest in an eco-friendly travel backpack for 2021 and help preserve the environment. The limit rating is the temperature at which someone who is generally warmer while sleeping will still be okay. Mummy-shaped sleeping bags fit tightly around the body, allowing for little or no movement during sleep, but superior warmth. The Lost Dog is a cold-oriented sleeping bag that withstands temperatures up to 15°F. When deciding on a sleeping bag for backpacking, consider these key factors: Temperature rating: Choose a sleeping bag rated a little bit lower than the typical low temperatures you anticipate on your backpacking trips. The TrailHeadUltralight Sleeping Bag is reasonable and has a soft touch liner. To help with water resistance, the bag has a ripstop nylon shell. There’s also a bit more room in the lower taper of the mummy bag in case you’re the type of person who likes to sleep with one knee up. All rights reserved. In case you need anything during the night, there is an external stash pocket for your essentials. For your feet, there’s an 11 baffle footbox with reinforced fabric to withstand boot liners or gear. It also has a bit more room than some mummy sleeping bags, letting you reposition at night without losing any thermal efficiency. Your email address will not be published. On the other hand, if you’re always hot when you sleep anyway, you can probably go off the lower limit rating when shopping for a winter sleeping bag. A comfort rating is the temperature at which a person who is generally a bit colder will still be comfortable while sleeping in the bag. This mummy bag might not come cheap, but the price will be worth it when temperatures drop below zero and you need to stay warm at night. However, if a temperature rating says “0 degrees Fahrenheit,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be warm at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. BOTTOM LINE: The REI... Western Mountaineering Alpinlite 20°. Your email address will not be published. The entire length of the bag has large sidewalls to keep insulation even along your entire body. A convertible footbox lets you either tuck your feet in or stick them out to keep them cool. 15 oz. The best budget winter sleeping bag in our list is REI Co-op Down Time 0 Down Sleeping Bag. And an oversized, anti-snag zipper and a neck draft tube provide exceptional resistance to chilly mountain breezes. The Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 20 deserves its spot amongst the best backpacking sleeping bags. The volume of a sleeping bag is measured in liters, and a highly compressible bag shouldn’t take up more than three liters of space. It can withstand temperatures as low as 25°F, allowing you to explore slightly colder environments. It’s lightweight (in comparison to other winter sleeping bags), comfy, and made from sustainable materials. Draft collars are tubes of fabric around the hood of the sleeping bag that are usually filled with down to prevent heat from escaping at night. Along with the light weight of only two lbs., this makes it perfect for on-the-go camping. It’s also important to consider your own “normal” body temperature. Temperature rating: 28°F ISO Comfort, 16°F Lower Limit For more of our top hiking & backpacking gear recommendations, check out these popular articles: Angelo Zinna is a freelance writer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. © 2020, The Broke Backpacker. Most sleeping bags follow a standardized temperature rating system, which indicates the lowest temperature at which the sleeping bag ceases to serve as adequate protection against the cold. The sleeping bag has a lower limit rating of 0° F (-18° C) while it weighs merely 2.6 pounds (1208 g). For added comfort, it features a Pillow Barn that will keep your pillow in place the entire night. Synthetic bags, on the other hand, are designed to remain insulating even when damp, so no worries if you track a bit of snow into the tent. We work hard to put out the best backpacker resources on the web, for free! The number found after the sleeping bag name is the temperature rating. Additionally, a cinchable hood also guards against unwanted drafts. Once a down sleeping bag gets wet, it loses any insulating qualities and takes a long time to dry out thoroughly. Synthetic sleeping bags require more space, so you’ll need a higher volume stuff sack. If you have a summer backpacking sleeping bag that you love, you might want to begin your search for a winter sleeping bag by checking for products made by the same brand. A compression sack and storage sack are included with the bag for easy transportation and packing. There is nothing worse than lying in your tent or an open bivy with the dreaded feeling of cold gripping your bones. To help you make the decision about which winter sleeping bag is best for you, we want to get into the nitty-gritty of temperature ratings a bit more. Even though it only weighs two pounds, seven ounces it’s packed with one pound, nine ounces of HL-ElixR™ synthetic insulation to give it a warm feel without compromising compressibility or weight. To prevent drafts along the zipper, the bag features a full-length draft tube and draft collar. A draft tube also rungs the length of the bag to prevent any cold air from getting in along the zipper. Best Sleeping Bag for Women Therm-a-Rest Questar 32: $220-260. This mummy-style sleeping bag is made of water-resistant down, so you can have the benefits of a lightweight and warm down sleeping bag without worrying about your adventure being ruined by a bit of rain or wet weather. Another handy feature is the presence of different drawcords that let you adjust the hood or the neck yoke in the dark. May your next unplanned bivy be everything you have hoped it would be. Moreover, TETON is the best backpacking sleeping bag on a budget. The fully contoured hood helps prevent heat loss, and you can use the drawcords to adjust the neck to stay comfortable. Get maximum value for minimum cash with these 14 standout products for $160 or less. To keep the bag water-resistant, it has a ripstop nylon shell to protect you from moisture and prevent the bag from getting stained. Quick Answer: Best Winter Sleeping Bags of 2020: Our Top Picks, How to Choose the Best Winter Sleeping Bag, Final Thoughts on the Best Winter Sleeping Bags, Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass 0 Sleeping Bag, Sea to Summit Ascent AcIII 0 Sleeping Bag, Mountain Hardwear Phantom GORE-TEX -40 Sleeping Bag, Therm-a-Rest Polar Ranger -20 Down Sleeping Bag, Material: Water-resistant down with nylon lining, Weight: 4 lbs (long), 3 lbs 4 oz (regular), 3 lbs 10 oz (short), Stuff Sack Volume: 16.4 liters (long), 14.3 liters (regular), 12.3 liters (short), Weight: 2 lbs 10 oz (small), 2 lbs 13 oz (medium), Weight: 3 lbs 12 oz (regular), 4 lbs (long), Material: Down with Pertex waterproof shield, Weight: 3 lbs 5 oz (long), 3 lbs 2.1 oz (regular), Stuff Sack Volume: 9 liters (long), 8.5 liters (regular), Material: 650-fill power down, nylon shell, Weight: 3 lbs 5 oz (long), 3 lbs 3 oz (regular), Weight: 2 lbs 14 oz (long), 2 lbs 10 oz (regular), Stuff Sack Volume: 10.5 liters (long), 9.7 liters (regular), Weight: 5 lbs 4 oz (long), 5 lbs (regular), Material: Down fill with Pertex waterproof shell, Weight: 3 lbs 4 oz (long), 3 lbs (regular), Ideal Use: Backpacking and mountaineering, Weight: 3 lbs 3 oz (long), 2 lbs 15 oz (regular), Weight: 3 lbs 1 oz (long), 2 lbs 11 oz (regular), Weight: 2 lbs 15 oz (long), 2 lbs 13 oz (regular), Material: Down fill and Pertex waterproof and breathable shell, Weight: 4 lbs 9 oz (long), 3 lbs 14.5 oz (regular), Material: Down fill with Pertex Shield shell, Weight: 3 lbs 2 oz (long), 2 lbs 14 oz (regular), Weight: 4 lbs 10.9 oz (long), 4 lbs 10 oz (regular), Stuff Sack Volume: 17.8 liters (long), 14.6 liters (regular), Weight: 3 lbs 7 oz (long), 3 lbs 4 oz (regular). This allows you to sit up easier, and some campers prefer the feel to side-zip sleeping bags. The Marmot Col has several key features to maximize heat retention. The Questar also has a draft collar, zipper draft tube, and adjustable hood to trap heat and regulate ventilation. This super sleeping bag has a temperature rating for -60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a summer backpacking sleeping bag that you love, you might want to begin your search for a winter sleeping bag by checking for products made by the same brand. A compression sack and stuff sack are also included for easy transportation of the sleeping bag. The insulating material found inside the sleeping bag. More information. Synthetic-fill is cheaper and dries faster than goose or duck down, but it is also less insulating. Marmot Lithium Sleeping Bag is our pick for the best winter sleeping bag overall. If you need a compact and light bag, definitely pick a down sleeping bag for winter camping. There’s also a permanent collar and a 3D contoured hood to keep your head warm and keep moisture from your breath out of the sleeping bag. Inside the bag, there’s also a storage pocket to stash small essential items you might want to have on hand. The Montbell Down Hugger 800 #3 is the least expensive bag of our picks at $319, and has some unique features that will appeal to side sleepers, tossers-and-turners, and people who sleep in a ball. Unlike lightweight summer camping bags, good winter sleeping bags can become quite heavy and bulky. This affordable sleeping bag is a real find for travelers wishing to explore cold environments. Being the most expensive bag on this list, REI Co-op Downtime is also the warmest. Another thing we love about the Marmot Lithium is the convenient internal storage pocket, so you won’t need to reach outside of your sleeping bag for your phone or flashlight. A Free Flow zipper system in this bag comes with three features that let you customize your temperature. Another solution is to get a waterproof bag in which to store your sleeping bag to eliminate the risk of it getting wet during transportation. Easy valve access lets you adjust and customize pad inflation even while you’re laying on it. You can also reposition the down thanks to the continuous baffles on the sleeping bag, which allows you to achieve maximum comfort. Want to learn more about a technical term? Its full-length zipper lets you turn this sleeping bag into a quilt. It uses synthetic PrimaLoft Synergy insulation to keep you warm and snuggly in your hammock. / 1 lb. However, the big downside to down sleeping bags is their total lack of effectiveness in wet conditions. Despite being a traditional mummy shape, this bag provides a relaxed fit around the shoulders and hips, so you don’t feel restricted while sleeping. The GORE-TEX shell creates a completely windproof layer between you and the exterior elements. Nemo Disco 15 ($300) You can purchase a separate Flex Pad Sleeve that can attach your sleeping bag to your sleeping pad to prevent you from rolling onto the cold ground at night. Finally, the pad loops provide secure points of connection to your sleeping pad. The temperature rating on a sleeping bag gives you an idea of what degree of coldness the bag is designed to be used in. You don’t want to just survive the night. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The 2-way #5 YKK dual zipper system is anti-snagging and has locking sliders, so you don’t have to worry about the bag accidentally coming open at night. However, you can layer it with other quilts using blanket loops on the bag, expanding its versatility. The bag also has a Pillow Barn pocket to keep your pillow in place. An additional insulated draft collar will shield your head and neck against unwanted chills. The ideal choice for backpackers looking for minimal packing size and maximum warmth is a mummy-shaped sleeping bag. Although it’s not designed for extreme arctic conditions, the Marmot Lithium is sturdy and warm enough to keep you comfortable in single-digit weather. Especially on multi-day adventures, you don’t want to waste any space in your fully loaded backpack. Weight: 2 lbs. Since you’ll likely be carrying the sleeping bag on your shoulders for hours on end, the first thing to check before buying is the weight. And just being cold is actually best case scenario when it comes to winter backpacking or extreme alpine adventures. If you have a rough idea about how cold the temperatures will be on your camping trips, look for a winter sleeping bag with at least that temperature rating, if not lower. Its compressed volume of 2 liters makes it highly packable and lightweight. 2. NEMO Forte 35. Packed Size. It’s no fun to be struggling with the zipper when you’re cold, tired, and just want to go to bed! For the sake of transparency, some of the links in our content are affiliate links. There’s also a 2-way zipper on the footbox so you can ventilate your feet without needing to open the entire bag. A 3D hood will provide warmth and comfort for your head; you can also cinch it tightly around your face during freezing nights. Sleeping bags vary in terms of temperature rating, insulation type, weight and other features. Plus, you can layer this bag with any other quilts or blankets you have to stay warm in colder conditions. Additionally, the vaulted foot box also allows for unrestricted movement. Anything I didn’t answer? One of the coolest features of the Bishop Pass 0 is the glow-in-the-dark zipper pull, making it easy to locate the zipper in the dead of night. It’s relatively lightweight and small for a winter bag, so it’s a good option for backpackers. It has a Free Range hood that allows you to lift your head while keeping a snug fit around your face. Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags WESTERN MOUNTAINEERING UltraLite. This sleeping bag is excellent for backpacking since it weighs about 2.5 lbs – not much more than most ultralight sleeping bags! On a winter sleeping bag tag, you’ll see two numbers. To keep breathing condensation from entering the bag, there’s a permanent collar and a 3D contoured hood. The foot box is there to provide extra space for your feet. Thus, you will have unrestricted sleep while not worrying about fabric tangles. Did this Best Winter Sleeping bags review help you? Your own budget is probably the number one priority, and since good winter sleeping bags don’t come cheap, it’s better to put some forethought into your purchase decision. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Additionally, the bag has two hang loops for storing or drying out the bag. Plus, since it’s not as expensive, you can save money to get other gear you might need for your adventures.