Miscarriage is no exception. Low and behold, the blood draws on 12/6 and 12/8 show INCREASING hcg levels once again, AND the bleeding has … My next scan will be 26/7/17 and I'm worried sick. My hcg the first time was 3,216 the 2nd time it was 3,845 .sunday I started bleeding with clot and yesterday my doctor said my hcg dropped to 1,000 so they took my hcg again . No sac, nothing at all. Is there any hope for me ? I still feel pregnant with nausea and sore breasts but its scaring me that they had two completely different numbers. The most important thing you want to see is growth in the sac. My hcg level was 27000 but it was dropped to 17000 to 14000. No fetal pole was ever found. There was nothing and the sac was measuring about a week ahead of whatever they say they did find but without a heartbeat. Found nothing on ultrasound but a cyst on my ovary. this was my firs searching blog for getting info and i got it. Hello I recently went to the hospital because my sides where hurting they said they found a yolk sack but it was to early to have a heart beat but the baby was in the growing in the right place and that my blood work came back fine a week latter I went to the doctors had he took out some blood to find out if my hormones levels have gone up he called me back the next day said my hormone levels had gone down and told me I had to go and get the baby removed but I still get emotional my boobs still hurt and I still get nasuse Is there a chance I can still be pregnant.? I went in to the dr that week. When those results came back my levels had dropped but only by 2 points. My doctor said its not looking good and to expect a miscarriage. I'm not having any symptoms of a miscarriage. Went to the er had an ultrasound done n they couldnt see no sac, but in my blood work did show positive for pregnancy and my hcg level was at 125, doc told me that it was way to low for a 5 week pregnancy n that at least by this time, he should had been able to c the sac (which he didnt:()Am still spoting 3 days after that.. If your due date is even a few days off, you could be misdiagnosed. Today (12/10) had my second and it dropped to 12,000. Went for u/s June 27th and they saw no fetal pole with gest sac measuring 12mm (6 weeks 2 days) and scheduled a follow up for July 8th - they only told me that my gest sac grew one day 13mm (6 weeks 3 days) but the crown rump length is measured at 5 weeks 5 days...I would guess a CRL would imply there is an embryo inside the gest sac. In addition I am in 5W+5Days.Yesterday in my ultrasound they couldnt see any thing in the sac. doi:10.1136/bmj.h4579. I went home happy and not worried. Falling hCG levels nearly always mean miscarriage, but very rarely can reflect a condition like heterotopic pregnancy. Watermark theme. (((hugs))). Hello I'm new to here but I just had my first ultrasound yesterday due to spotting with me supposed to be 7 weeks my first spotting was pink the night before and then yesterday it turned into red blood just enough to be on my tissue so I took myself to the ER they gave me ultrasound and they said that I am measuring at less than 6 weeks the only thing that was there was the sack for the baby but no baby or yolk was present I had my HCG blood test and it was at 950 and I go back tomorrow a retesting I'm scared that I am experiencing a miscarriage haven't had any real period bleeding but I'm just afraid because this is my second pregnancy and I never experienced bleeding while pregnant cuz I just be too early? Oh Myeshia, huge hugs for you. I went to NORMAN REGIONAL HOSPITAL WHERE THEY GAVE ME TWO ON TOP OF THE BELLY ULTRA SOUNDS AND AN INTERNAL ONE TWO ..THEY DID BLOOD TO CHECK THE HCG LEVELS AND CAME BACK WITH 27. Updated August 29, 2018. Hi I am taking pgd treatment and I done my pragnacy test and two line appeared buy one is slightly faint so what u think of guys any opinions pls. Ultrasound is tomorrow and I'm so nervous I don't think I will even be able to look. Note the word supposedly. After I've been trying for so long....Sorry for the long paragraph I just needed to get it all out Hope it all makes senseI'll keep you all in my prayersSticky baby dust to you allXxxx, I had an hcg done Thursday and it said it was above 7000, I went to the hospital Friday I was in some pain but nor terrible pain and it read above 5000. That's what I'm doing and asking my baby to hold tight , I'm going through almost the exact same thing. With something as important and devastating as a miscarriage diagnosis, it's normal to want to be 100% sure of the diagnosis before moving forward. It’s the weekend so I’m just waiting. Any hope ?? I went back a week later only to be told that there was still no hear beat but it had grown to 6wk3days. I am 5wks & 5 days, just recieved my hcg levels have dropped. However still not bleeding or major cramping. The doc was concerned and scheduled an ultrasound for next week, but I read online that levels can drop anywhere from 8-11 weeks. The further along you are after the 6 week point, the lower the chance of miscarriage misdiagnosis. This comment has been removed by the author. I also have no bleeding. I dont know what is happening. I went from suffering from nausea to none at all besides a little dizziness and queasiness here and there. I feel what you are going through and hope everything is fine... (((hugs))) for you. 2015;8(6):9477–9483. I hope it ask works out for you, HiThey rules out ectopic on mine. They said it is either an impending miscarriage or an ectopic. We knew at that point it was likely that a baby wasn’t growing. They transferred 2 five day embryos. 222,975,2181,3900. My HCG levels last week where 63,000 today they are 33,000 & I can't help but think maybe my dates where wrong . I am so confused because he couldn't tell me wether I had the miscarriage or not ... Hello Ladies, I just recently had multiple positive home pregnancy tests...my first one was on November 26th and everyday after that until going to the doctor to confirm on November 29th...the urine test at the doctors office came up negative so a blood test was performed and that was positive but my HCG level was at 24.5...they told me to go back two days later which was today and it had dropped to 6...and informed me that I was miscarrying. When I got to er they took my blood and said my levels went down to little above 6000s and did not do an ultrasound. No heartbeat found but my doc ketchup saying it was too small. Here are my numbers:FET on 3/7 (day 5 blast, pgs texted, normal embro, grade A) 3/16 - 2563/20- 13433/21- 2834 3/29- 5284U/s scheduled for 4/5, but I'm going crazy! I had my hcg tested on 20/7 and read as 9954. I had a internal ultra sound and there was no sight of a baby, or heartbeat. Technically speaking, medical or laboratory errors could theoretically lead to a misdiagnosis of pregnancy loss at any point in pregnancy—but this is uncommon. Also on my first visit the ultra sound showd a sac which looks to be where it needs to be and not ectopic. My hcg dropped to 8700 and US did not show a sac or fetal pole. P.s - (backtracking here... september 29th, was the day i went in because i took a prego test and said postive, so that days visit says : Gestational Sac Visualized: Yes, Yolk Sac Visualized: Yes ,Fetal Pole Visualized: No..) I do not understand all this? Hcg levels went from 1274 to 2109... and today was at 900. Lost them all around 12 weeks) I do have 2 daughters as well. I am at a loss right now. My first HCG came back 1850, which they reassured me was good. If you still feel pregnant then do what you feel is right for your body and your baby. I have to come in again and have blood work done again in two more days. On Monday, May 9th I had a tiny bit of light pink blood after I used the restroom. I found out I was pregnant about 3 weeks ago. However they have now dropped to 186000 with all other symptoms same.I had follow up ultrasound today where they saw GS size of 44mm i.e. My daughter is going through this right now. Verywell Family uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. They did a scan which up until now I have never had one before 12 weeks ever and I have had 8 children. 2012;5(2):154–165. I was advised to use progesterone vaginally.These are my BHCG progess from 12 Dec 2016 which I was in week 2, day 2.12 Dec. BHCG=25714 Dec. BHCG=53019 Dec. BHCG=111521 Dec. BHCG=110122 Dec. BHCG=105924 Dec. BHCG=970In addition I am in 5W+5Days with bhcg 970.Yesterday in my ultrasound they couldnt see any thing in the sac. Could this be a miscarriage or could I still possibly have a baby? Another possibility for falling hCG levels in a viable pregnancy would be vanishing twin syndrome, a twin pregnancy in which one baby is miscarried while the other is viable. This condition is also rare when couples have not used assisted reproduction and is a highly infrequent explanation of falling hCG levels. Even do we had just find out a week ago we were pregnant, we had all ready make so many plans:( any opinios? Would my levels still be in the 30,000? Well I have an ultrasound the 10th. Most important is waiting, if the gestational sac is growing and there are no complications, until it measures more than 25mm. I have an appointment on the 29 to remove the baby I'm having doubts about going what should I do .? If an ultrasound is done at 6 ... Over the years, I've written pages on various misdiagnosed miscarriage topics. They saw the fetal pole and yolk sac but it was too small to measure a heartbeat. They found a 0.49cm gs and a yolk sac. Please help I just need someone's opinion if this is really happening again. I'm not bleeding or anything and I'm confused. ectopic has also been ruled out as the sac is in the correct place, steph, hi i was wanting some advice and help to see if anyone had anything simler to me, i found out i was pregnant on the 2nd of june 2019 all pregnancy test were strong lines went to hospital as i have been bleeding my beta hcg test confirmed a positive pregnancy amd were at 385, i jad to then return for bloods for it to double wich they raised 69% so i had to have a scan, they discovered the pregnancy sac bit nothing in it i am about 3 weeks, done another blood test and came back it dropped to 40% today and i will be rescheduled for a scan next wed to see what is going on if cant see nothing to repeat the bloods has anyone ever had this and your hcg levels rise again it is classed as a threatened pregnancy as my cervix is closed i have mild cramping and continued to bleed no clots or anything and pregnancy test still says positive is there anu miracle that this pregnancy can still go ahead, i have set myself up for the worst and to have a miscarriage o just wanted a little bit of hope but deep down i know the outcome, also ectopic pregnancy has been ruled out as the scan showed he sac was in the correct place,